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One Day Retreats at SoulSimple




Welcome to SoulSimple Sanctuary. We are a team of WELL BEING SPECIALISTS

dedicated to the wellbeing of humanity and YOUR EMPOWERMENT.

We create a sacred, safe and nurturing space for YOU to truly relax,

explore and discover lifelong health, wellbeing & empowerment.


In the hands of our exceptionally gifted team you will feel safe,

nurtured, nourished, recalibrated and gently guided inward to discover your own power.


Our One Day Retreats have been designed by Vittoria and her team of Wellbeing Specialists to offer

inspirational and transformative experiences right here, in the Heart of the Cotswolds. 


Each of our Retreats offer a unique experience and the opportunity to:​


Discover the magic of being. The magic inside of you.

Discover & harness the POWER & HEALING of your body that is always available to you.

Become completely alive & present.

Witness your dreams coming true. Manifest the life you’ve always wanted with ease and grace.

Live in Timeless peace.

Experience & embody the love you’ve always dreamed of.

Know yourself as unshakeable strength & effortless confidence.


SoulSimple Retreat is completely dedicated to your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing. 

You will feel right at home in this beautiful and intimate space.

South facing, filled with light & love, a place to rest, heal and just be. 


​All of our One Day Retreats can be booked for one person, couples, mothers and daughters or groups

of up to eight friends. 

You can download our Retreat Portfolio by clicking on the PDF icon above.

Once you are ready to book, contact us using the Book Now button.

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