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A protected environment


  • SoulSimple wellbeing companions carry a health kit including a face mask, disinfectant hand gel and gloves.


  • Companions and clients are offered hand sanitiser and wear face coverings (unless exempt). 


  • We follow guidelines to provide advice to encourage social distancing - distance must be maintained at all times. Where this is not possible, we consider how we can redefine activities.


  • We ventilate the areas we work in where possible. 


  • We take part in NHS Track and Trace. 


  • If any staff or customers show any signs of coronavirus, the session will be rearranged for when all symptoms have passed and a test has been carried out and negative results obtained.  


  • All our wellbeing companions are trained & regularly briefed on the latest safety measures.


  • Companions will maintain social distance and avoid crowded areas. 


  • Our companions will bring their own food and drink and take breaks outside where possible (for longer sessions of 4 hours or more). 


  • Ongoing training will be provided so staff and clients are kept up to date with how safety measures are being used. 


The most stringent hygiene standards

Cleaning protocols which were already rigorous have been strengthened in line with,

and beyond, the public health guidelines.

Strengthening the immune system

We have developed a specially designed immune system strengthening plan

combining the most effective therapies. Please get in touch for further information.


Wellness in-residence

SoulSimple wellbeing Companions offer clients the opportunity to benefit from complete wellbeing services in the privacy and seclusion of their own residence. Everything from a massage or a therapeutic treatment to a Vinyasa yoga lesson in your own home. Even healthy cooking lessons!


We are here to give you PEACE OF MIND.




More info can be found here:

Covid - 19 Risk Assessment 


Last Gov update: 7th January  2021

Correct as of: 8th February 2021


This covid risk assessment is shared with all staff and published on our website. 

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