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Welcome Sisters

Take a QUANTUM LEAP into self-love Harmony & balance, through the magic of  Wellbeing, WOMAN & Sisterhood.

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Retreats especially crafted for Women...


Do you feel the call to re-discover your own sacred dimensions?

To re-kindle your innate earth wisdoms?

To heal, to explore, nurture, be held & empower your sacred feminine forces within?

Hello beautiful Women...







We have woven these incredible retreats together with lots of magic to guide you into your inner terrain to access deeper healing & reconnection, expanding and embodying your feminine power.

Reconnect to your health & wellbeing, your intuition & trusting yourself with unshakeable straight and love.

Feeling CLEAR, ENERGISED & CONNECTED in the world. Take a QUANTUM LEAP into self-love, harmony & balance!

We are a team of female WELL BEING SPECIALISTS dedicated to the wellbeing of humanity and FEMALE EMPOWERMENT. We create a sacred, safe and nurturing space for all women to truly relax, explore and discover lifelong health, wellbeing & empowerment. In the hands of our exceptionally gifted team of women, you will feel safe, nurtured, nourished, recalibrated and gently guided inward to discover your own feminine power. We run one to one & weekly group sessions, as well as day & long weekend retreats for WOMEN: Mamas, Daughters, Brides to be, Sisters and Friends. Our handpicked family of Wellbeing Specialists have all been trained to the highest standards and are here to give you the most inspirational and transformative experience. 




CLICK ON THE PDF to download the SoulWoman portfolio for 1 day group retreats

Or you can look through our 1 day retreats below and BOOK NOW by clicking the button.



Women come home to your temple. 

Sat 9th April 10am - 5pm


A DAY OF BODY LOVE, Your body is your temple. YOUR SACRED SPACE. Receive the beauty of your body.

Learn how to take care and look after your body. Opening to your Divine body intelligence.

A total day of self-care, through gorgeous nourishing practices.

Meditation. Self massage & homemade skin care. Energy healing.

Deeply restorative yoga. Breathwork. Conscious Nutrition.

10 places available



Women come into your power. 

Sat 14th May 10am - 5pm

A DAY OF DEEP REST. Earth: Embodied wisdom: Living in conscious connection with nature. 

You are nature. Grounding yourself completely in nature. Receiving Divine Mother energy through the earth. Experiencing your true nature and stepping into the world with confidence. 

Guided nature meditation walk. Earth remedies & foraging. Tree mediation. Plants for you wellbeing. Crystal sing bowl sound bath. Deeply restorative yoga. Breathwork. Conscious nutrition. Create your own SELF SOOTHING box to ground.

10 places available




LUXURY 4 DAY RETREAT at our stunning residential retreat MATARA

Mon 13th June - Thursday 16th June

Fire: Inner Alchemy: Coming home to your fire & sensuality through the sacred gateways of nature.

Channeling that fire & birthing yourself a new in the world as a pathway to freedom.

£2900 per room. Up to 2 people per room. 9 rooms available.


Choose & create your own retreat...


CREATE YOUR OWN 1 day retreat 2022 with the option of staying at SoulSimple Retreat:

CLICK ON THE PDF to download the SoulWoman portfolio to create your own retreat

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