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SoulNatural: Enrich your life and boost your wellbeing with plants.

This is a very exciting time as we delve deeper into the world of plants, understanding more about the incredible plant kingdom! Realising that they see, they hear, they remember, they smell, they feel and how they move on our beautiful planet. Scientists have discovered that plants have at least 20 different senses which they use to monitor complex conditions within their environment. They have senses that roughly correspond to our five, but they also have additional ones that can do such things as measure humidity, detect gravity and sense electromagnetic fields.

"Intelligence is the ability to solve problems and plants are amazingly good in solving their problems." - Stefano Mancuso

As you get to know plants better and deepen your relationship with them, you'll start to notice the most extraordinary transformations. Plants invite us to become more aware, more sensitive and more understanding. They open doorways within us as we loose ourselves in their sublime shapes, colours and perfumes. They nurture subtle sensitivities within us, such as our intuition and direct perception. They create poetry and inspiration in our hearts...

"How did the rose ever open it's heart and give to the world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light upon its being" - Hafiz

Plants are complex communicators. Today, scientists know that plants communicate in a wide variety of ways. The most well known of these methods is called chemical volatiles – which is why some plants smell so good and others so awful – but scientists have also discovered that plants can communicate via electrical signals and even vibrations. 

“In the last several decades, science has been showing that plants are endowed with feeling, weave complex social relations and can communicate with themselves and with animals” - Stefano Mancuso

How deeply are you able to feel a plant? Understand a plant? Listen to a plant? Enjoying a more rich and meaningful relationship with plants invites us to discover parts of ourselves that can often stay hidden. They empower us to explore the depths of our being and explore how we can communicate. They offer a truly accepting and unconditional presence, calling us to our own healing and wholeness.

Plants offer us relaxation, they clean the air, they help us sleep better, improve our wellbeing, reduce stress, help us to communicate and relate, as well as offering us a whole pharmacy for healing! By opening ourselves more deeply to plants we are opening ourselves to more love, more happiness and more health!

Plants are by no means as diverse as the world’s animals (no one beats beetles for diversity) but nonetheless, they have truly conquered the world. Today, plants make up more than 99 percent of biomass on the planet. Think about that: this means all of the world’s animals – including ants, blue whales and us – make up less than one percent of the Earth's biomass. Thus, plant conservation is necessary for mankind conservation. We are inextricably linked. And so the more intimate we become with plants, the more we can understand how to love this beautiful green earth. Plants are incredible teachers for our wellbeing!

You don't need to have a garden to get to know plants. You can create a plant sanctuary in your own home and get to know them in the comfort of your own living room!

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