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September - a time to set intentions...

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Hello September!

This gorgeous month is the first of the Autumn Season and we have spent the beginning of it experiencing glorious sunshine and a mini-heatwave. After a slightly grey and damp last few weeks, the warm weather has been received with gratitude and we have spent time giving thanks for it. Late nights spent dancing with friends and early morning swims in the lakes to refresh our bodies and minds.

Spiritually, September is an incredible time for the refocusing of our energies. A period to reflect on how the past year has been spent and try to organise and motivate ourselves to set intentions for the months to come, facing them with a positive outlook. The evenings are starting to draw in and that can provide us with a good time to enjoy some quiet reflect

Today's Lunar Phases sees us move from a new moon to a waxing crescent. This is the moon's first step toward becoming full and therefore can encourage positivity and faith in ourselves. With this new energy, you may start to feel more motivated and ready to embrace your desires. Get excited about the journey that lies ahead!

SoulNatural - The SoulSimple Guide to the Natural World

For the month of September, we have dedicated our SoulNatural Guide to the Rosehip.

A staple of the British countryside, Rosehips can be found all over - in the woods, alongside roads and at the coast. At SoulSimple, we believe that nature is a true healer, both spiritually and physically, and the Rosehip plant really embodies this. Their vibrant berries are totally plentiful, easy to harvest and can be used in an abundance of ways to enhance your wellbeing.

The Rose Hip, (also known as Rose Haw and Rose Hep) is the accessory fruit of the rose plant. They have a long history, with evidence being found of them being cultivated over 4,000 years ago. It is believed that both the Egyptians and the Romans experimented with using Rose Hip oil in remedies to treat skin ailments and wounds. In Europe, the early Christians crafted their very first Rosary Beads from them and the Vikings were known to eat them during oversea journeys to keep them healthy. In more recent times, during the Second World War, children were often given Rose Hip syrup as a source of Vitamin C that was difficult to obtain due to food rationing and shortages. Today, although not as widely consumed, Rose Hips are still an important part of traditional Scandinavian foods. Much more frequently used is their oil which is a common ingredient in skincare products thanks to its moisturising, anti-ageing and anti-scarring properties.

SoulWoman and SoulTouch - Nurturing Ourselves through Self Care

Last month, we delved into Wellness and what exactly it means to us. Since then, we have had so many questions and comments about this that we have decided to continue our journey exploring this in more depth.

We started to touch on the resources that we utilise here at SoulSimple Retreat to enhance your time with us, that you can carry home with you to continue your path long after you have left us.

One of these powerful tools is Meditation. Meditation means different things to different people but, in a nutshell, is the practice of gaining awareness and perspective on your thoughts. It's important not to be confused with switching off or suppressing your emotions, but more the process of learning to understand and accept them and therefore becoming more able to deal with them. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in many countries and religions, however it is a skill that has largely been lost due in our modern lifestyles.

We believe that meditation is key for overall wellbeing and that clearing the mind can truly help manage stress and anxiety. There is plentiful evidence that shows the clear benefits of meditation and practices such as yoga to support your Nervous and Endocrine Systems.

The act of Meditation can seem intimidating if you have never tried it before but it can be as easy as finding a quiet space and focussing your mind on a simple word or object. Like any practice, there are many types of Meditation and it is worth taking time to explore them and find what works best for you. There are hundreds of classes, videos and apps which are making Meditation more and more accessible to everyone and we really do implore you to give it a go! All of our guests to the Retreat are invited to a complimentary meditation session where they can explore this practice and start to learn more about it.

SoulSource - Lifelong Healing and Radiant Living

Happiness. Something we all strive for and chase. But what does it really mean to be happy? Is it something we can gain with a quick fix or does it take years to achieve? There are thousands of books, programs and teachings which all promise to make us more happy, more content, but the truth is; happiness truly starts within. You are the most important person in your life and your outlook will have a huge impact on your experiences. Feelings of positivity can help us live better; we tend to embrace a healthier diet, move more, get outside in the fresh air, be more creative and socialise more often. Less stress also tends to equal a better immune system and less illness in the body in general.

Many of our guests here at the Retreat are searching for a way to re-connect to themselves, find a better understanding of who they are and how they can improve their overall experience of life. SoulSource is our philosophy that teaches and supports lifelong healing and radiant living. We believe that in order to find a more complete sense of true happiness it is essential to:

  • Have a sense of purpose

  • Express gratitude

  • Respect yourself, in both body and mind

  • Make peace with who you are

Happiness is a vitality that can makes us feel alive. It is a life energy and powerful force that we all deserve and can find. As in all aspects of life, happiness is one piece of our puzzle that builds to a complete sense of wellbeing and inner peace.

SoulScapes - Creativity and Emergent Art

Being creative is an incredibly important channel for releasing emotions but it can also be a useful tool to help you become a more effective problem solver. It can show you how to see things differently and better deal with uncertainty which is important as it is vital to be able to adapt your thinking to allow for the flow of the unknown.

Our Emergent Art movement based here in Woodchester is all about adapting and living in the moment. We encourage our artists to work from their emotions and feelings and embrace wherever they are right now in their lives. Our inspiration comes from the environment we are in, what we are experiencing and our reactions to that. It is an ever evolving canvas which takes us on a journey.

If you would like to get involved, we are still looking for contributors to join us at classes and meetings. Please get in touch with us at:

Until next time,

The SoulSimple Family x

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