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Here Comes the Sun...

This week's intense heat has been a welcome change from the previously wet weather we experienced throughout the end of June. Just as we are affected by the lunar phases, the sun too is a powerful spiritual healer. Without the sun, there would be no life on earth and it gifts us with vitality and energy.

At SoulSimple we have been SALUTING the SUN with dancing and singing, spending hazy mornings outside being together with friends and making the most of the beautiful long days. Our guests have been spending time in our new meditation spiral to CONTEMPLATE and RECONNECT and we have been nurturing them with gorgeous massages in our peaceful, cool yoga studio.

SoulNatural - the SoulSimple Guide to the Natural World:

Last week we delved into the history of the Elder which has been held sacred by our ancestors for centuries. This time we are exploring more uses for this amazing plant and how we can utilise it to nourish our bodies and strengthen our immune systems.

Both Elderflowers and Elderberries are versatile and very easy to utilise, Elderflowers can be made into cordial, tea and wine which are all refreshing and taste gorgeous. Here at the retreat, one of our favourite drinks to serve to guests on a warm sunny day is spring water infused with Elderflower sprigs, freshly squeezed lemon juice and crushed ice. DELICIOUS!

Elderberries can be made into syrup at home and taken during the Winter months to prevent illness (be sure to use the Sambucus Nigra variety as others can be poisonous). The syrup is also wonderfully soothing for a sore throat and relieving cold and flu symptoms. To make a beautiful Elderberry syrup, simply boil four cups of water with two or three cups of freshly washed Elderberries. Add in other nourishing ingredients such as grated ginger, cinnamon, cloves or star anise and bring to the boil. Let the syrup simmer for about half an hour, or until the berries have softened into a liquid, and then take off the heat to cool. Mash any remaining berries into the mixture and strain. For an extra boost and some sweetness you could try adding some raw honey into the syrup at this point. Store in a container in the fridge once cool and take one teaspoon daily.

SoulWoman and SoulTouch: Sacred Self Care and Heartfelt Healing

In order to embrace Sacred Self Care, we must nurture both our BODIES and MINDS as well our SOULS. All are equally important and work together to create a more balanced and positive environment.

In this blog we are focussing on what we can do to to care for our bodies and how to find exercise that we enjoy and make us feel good! The busy lives we lead today leave us with less and less time to gift ourselves movement and exercise but our bodies are DESIGNED to move! It takes roughly 200 muscles just to take one single step forward and we take on average 7,500 steps per day. In our whole lifetimes, we can literally walk hundred of thousands of miles!

On a physical level, more exercise means a stronger heart and better circulation. It also releases endorphins which make us feel more energised and ultimately, more relaxed. For the mind, exercise can help alivieate anxiety and depression and leads to more healthy habits like better sleep, eating more mindfully and staying hydrated.

If we enjoy something we will do it more, so it is important to find movment which inspires and challenges you. Some people enjoy a vibrant environment like a gym or a group exercise class whilst others prefer to exercise alone through yoga or jogging. If you aren't sure where to start, try a brisk walk through your local park - listen to your favourite podcast or music if you need some extra motivation to get started! One of our favourite things at SoulSimple is to begin the day outside, warming up with gentle movements and stretches and seeing where that takes us...let the weather invigorate you, we love rain the best! We are also incredibly lucky to have an amazing hidden valley just a stroll away from our front door with winding woodland paths to wander down and crystal clear lakes to bathe in.

So often we are told that exercise will make us look better but what we should really strive for is strength and endurance - the NATURAL GLOW of body health will aways shine through to the outside.

SoulSource: Lifelong Healing

After our introduction to the crown of the head last week, we now want to share with you all the power of this majestic part of yourself. How here we can meet ourselves, and all that we experience by learning how to connect at this point of the body.

By nurturing our crown this which will, in turn, help to balance our seventh chakra. If you practice yoga, you can build a whole session around balancing your chakras. Add in breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing which will help to cleanse your channels. The seventh or crown chakra represents our ability to fully connect spiritually, experience higher planes of consciousness, and make a deep connection with ourselves which is what Savasana is all about so be sure to end your practice with this.

Meditation is also a powerful tool for re-balancing your chakra. Take some time in the morning or before bed to visualise the POWERFUL WHITE LIGHT radiating from your crown connecting you to the world around you. If you find it hard to switch off and focus, imagine a beautiful violet lotus flower above your head and feel your mind becoming still.

It is also very important to try stay hydrated by drinking lots of fresh water and herbal, non caffeinated teas as well as eating nourishing and wholesome foods. The crown chakra responds especially well to art and dance so take time to let your creative side POUR OUT!

SoulScapes: Emergent Art

Over the last few days, we have been making more exciting plans for our Emergent Art project! Herewood is planning in a solo exhibition in Nailsworth for next Spring which will help him share his wonderful style of painting with the community. Through this we hope to spread the word and invite more people to be involved in our network. Amongst starting new pieces to showcase in his exhibition, Herry has also been spending time working on his board game! Here he is painting the counters...

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved with Emergent Art, please send us an email at: - we are so excited to hear from you!

Until next time!

Lots of love,

Vittoria and the SoulSimple Family x

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