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Healing Water Ceremony

Purify the waters of the world together in sacred ceremony

Water is the source of life

Traditions from all over the world perform water ceremonies to honour & heal this sacred source of life. Deepening our conscious connection with this incredible life source brings healing on all levels to the whole of the planet.

Water is the ultimate transformer

Water as elemental force is receptive. Water has no Will, it flows through the path of least resistance. Water comes into relation with everything it touches. It adapts to the environment and the environment begins to be modified by it. We see it in oceans, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, springs.

The temperature and environment affect its form, flow and direction. 

Water is an incredible transformer shape-shifting from frozen crystals, steam, forming clouds, to come back down to earth as rain. Giving life & sustaining life.

There are many ways in which it also reflects in our bodies.

Water molecules transform taking shapes and forms aligned with the intention and frequencies that it receives. Like chanting mantras can heal the body, songs and intentions are like winds giving direction to water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist from Japan dedicated his life to prove scientifically how the vibration of our intention, words, and sounds can affect the crystals of water - within our bodies & the bodies of water on this planet.

We can heal the water as much as the water can heal us.

Water is a sacred and sensitive energy.

It attunes & transforms with the vibrations of the environment.

This saturday - 8th Feb 2020 at 4pm we will be holding a Sacred Healing Water Ceremony - sending healing through the waters of your beautiful lake to all the waters of the earth - within & around us.

We will integrate & call upon the Five Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, we will call in the 4 directions, we will call in our highest intentions for the purity of water for the whole planet. For this beautiful planet to heal as one whole expression of Divine unity.

The drums will lead us deep into meditation in a circle as the healing moves through us into the waters. Aligned by intention, gratitude & love, joined our intentions for healing. The dynamic of the group is pure and deep. In this place we can visualise the oceans healing one drop at a time. We can embrace the whole planet with our love & healing.

The power of intention is stronger than we can ever imagine

The group is then invited to hold the healing after the ceremony with seven days of meditation and to meditate together & visualise the healing of the Oceans, nurturing and balancing it with love, compassion, and light. These mediations will be for 10 minutes every evening at 9.30pm. Together we transform the planet. Our powers are incredible & water simply reflects this back to us. Providing the most beautiful mirror.

Whether you are able to join us fo a water ceremony or not - we invite you to take a few minutes daily to visualise healing energy in areas of contaminated waters.

For yourself, visualse healing light in the water before you drink it.

For others, visualize healing light when you cook, when you serve water to your loved ones, as well as in all you do.

Water & the intelligence of emotions

When our emotional system flows freely, without repressions or emotional blocks created by traumatic experiences, the emotional body becomes a living library and a very sophisticated sensor & our relational capacity expands.

The messages of our heart are clear and we connect with all living beings. The emotional world has been very little explored. In fact, it has been largely ignored, devalued and opressed since millennia.

This is changing as we expand our consciousness, leaving behind the belief systems that create mental and emotional prisons.

Water element creates relationship, not separation

As long as we control what we want to feel, our emotional system will continue under the tyranny of a belief system that is not compatible with our true nature, and will remain in an underdeveloped state. Working to cure cognitive dissociation requires a lot of effort, since we have to go through many fears, although most of them have been dragging on since childhood. But it is the only way to feel 100% alive.

When emotions are in motion we feel alive.

Water is the source of life.

The many functions of water are to nurture, to hydrate, to moisturize, to cleanse. When some water cells become too stagnant or stuck in certain areas of our body, they can become unhealthy and even transform into stones, tumors or cyst that reflects frozen energy.

Fluids form a large part of our body. They appear through many forms as fatty tissues, blood, sweat, tears, saliva, urine. Water together with oxygen and vital energy nurture the cells of our body bringing rejuvenation. For good health, these waters are in constant movement.

A way to purify your body is to fast and drink only water one day a week. You can choose the day of the moon transition or choose a specific day that is convenient for you. This balances your metabolism, strengthens your willpower and opens the flow of energy for any stored emotions or toxins in your body.

A weekly bath in a clean ocean, lake, river or springs rejuvenate your whole being

The many properties of water are a reflection of our own environment and state of being. A holistic integrative approach to our emotions, and to the Water element influences and provides a clear direction of its many functions for our wellbeing and balance.

An offering ceremony

Bring an offering to the water. If you are visiting the ocean, river or lake, bring a stone or an object that you have imbued with your love. Pray and express your gratitude for the healing and abundant flow of water where you are, and then dig a small hole near the water’s edge and place the object into the hole, and offer your prayers for the health of the water and for what you want to experience. Carefully covering the hole, release your prayers to the object you buried and then to the water. Visualise the resonance of your prayer seeping into the stream and flowing wherever that watercourse takes it.

Immersion Healing

Find a place where the water seems especially clean and welcoming to you. You can do this clothed, but is best to remove all clothing so the water can make contact with the entire surface of the body without taking on the resonance of clothing. Look for a private spot where you will not be disturbed or offend anyone who may happen to pass by. Pray at the water’s edge for your healing, your perfect vibrations to flow into your blood, your cells, your organs. Imagine that when you step into the water and then submerge yourself, the water will flow through you as if you are a net, taking with it all of the impurities which have contributed to your lack of wellbeing. Try to immerse yourself up to your neck, if only for a moment. If the water is cold, do not say in longer than 60 seconds. In this amount of time, your cells will be transformed. Thank the water for your healing, immediately wrap yourself in something warm. Dry yourself and leave an offering at the water’s edge to show your appreciation.

Sacred Water Healing

Collect rainwater or snowmelt water in a glass vase or jar. Place a quartz crystal in the container and allow the water to sit for 10 days. During this time, keep the vessel in a place where it will be undisturbed completely. Each day, pray and send your healing blessings into the water morning and evening. At the end of the 10 day period, carry the vessel to a major water course in your community that may be polluted or carry some toxins. If you want, you may let the crystal flow out of the vessel into the water and become part of your offering. Pour the water with great joy knowing that this container of water is a healing medicine and will immediately begin to transform the public watercourse.

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