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Kirsty is passionate about Kundalini yoga and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformations that are possible for everyone who practices.  


Since training with the School of Kundalini Yoga in 2010, Kirsty has been running popular classes in Bristol, and more recently in Stroud and Frampton. Her classes are relaxed, fun and supportive. Comments like “When I leave my body feels like it’s smiling” are common! Kirsty considers herself very blessed to be able to share what she loves with others. She is deeply committed to helping you release your blocks, raise your vibration and live a happy, healthy, blissful life!


Kirsty also runs regular Kundalini Yoga retreats, both at Soul Simple and further afield and co-created Kundalini Clubbing in June 2014, an evening of ceremony, yoga, dance & sound healing in a healing, fun space. These events run monthly in Stroud and Bristol.


More about the Yoga Practice - Kundalini yoga is an ancient, powerful and transformative form of yoga. Working with the breath, yoga postures, mudras, eye focus, body locks, chanting and meditation, we open up energy pathways, release physical and emotional blocks, and activate our energy of potential.

Through regular practice of these yogic techniques we create a healthier, stronger, more flexible physical body, increase our stability and vitality, improve our mental concentration and sharpen our awareness, connect with our inner wisdom and create a happier, healthier, more prosperous life.

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