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Welcome Beautiful Brides!





We're so happy you've found us!


SoulSimple specialises in running Retreats for Brides to Be and Couples. 


We create a nurturing, safe and magical space for you to truly relax,

explore yourself and discover lifelong health and wellbeing. You can visit us by yourself,

with your partner or as a group for:

Ultimate relaxation leading up to your wedding.

Gorgeous detox programmes to help you look your best for your special day.

Couples Connection Mini Moon retreats for after the wedding.

Inspirational Retreats for hen parties.


Our passion is the magic of your experience. Pick any of our Retreats from the portfolio or, if you feel there is something you would like to create yourself, please tell us.  We are here to make something very special just for you! 

Download our complete Bridal Wellbeing Portfolio below:



To find out more about our Bridal Retreats or to book your magical wellbeing experience, please send us an email

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