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Beautify your home with plants

Create an oasis of calm. Welcome plants into your home.


Imagine stepping into an oasis of calm with an uplifting energy that is blooming with so much positivity you can actually feel it. Welcome plants into your home.

" Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and the soul." - Linda Solegato

Adding plants transforms your home from just a place to lay your head to a certified zen den for all things self-care. Spending time with plants is totally therapeutic. They transform the physical atmosphere as well as your emotional atmosphere. They are naturally supportive and uplifting. They have incredible personalities and respond to loving touch and talking. They respond to their environment and love to receive and give love. This is our direct experience at SoulSimple Retreats in The heart of The Cotswolds. We are being over taken by plants and are absolutely loving it... it takes 2-3 hours just to water them all!

Before we go into more details about transforming your home with plants, let's touch upon a few other tips that will transform your space:

- Clear out your space - De-clutter!

- Bring the outdoors in - Nature is the greatest healer.

- Add candles and essential oils - De-stress with calming fragrances from candles and essential oil diffusers. Lavender, frankincense and rose geranium oils offer wonderful support to unwind and relax.

- Turn your bathroom into a spa - Create time for a long, relaxing bath at least once a week, surrounded by plants!

- Hide electrical cords in all of your rooms.

- Creating happy spots where you can sit, relax or meditate will get you in the zone when you want to boost your mood.

- Your home is your sanctuary, a place to totally relax, let go, unwind and feel safe. Plants love to support our wellbeing.


Plants have an incredible presence. No only are they the lungs of the planet - drawing in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere, they provide us with nourishment, shelter, warmth and medicine.They are intrinsically healing. Guests who come to SoulSimple Retreats love our house plants and the plants love them! They are very sociable and love to be with us!

Plants regulate the earth's atmosphere and create a wonderful healing environment within our homes. Plants add humidity into our dry centrally heated homes and absorb volatile, often harmful compounds found in furnishings, DIY & cleaning products and air fresheners.


Here at SoulSimple Retreats we empower our guests to be open to and fully appreciate the inherent need to be in close proximity to the green world of plants and trees. Walking in the countryside, immersing ourselves in nature and forest bathing have all been shown to be beneficial for our mental and physical health.

By bringing plants into the light and warmth of our home - we invite the outside in and we open ourselves to a greater awareness of healing and wellbeing.

For those of us who live in flats or apartments with no outdoor space, growing and caring for house plants is a fantastic way of re-establishing our bond with the incredible world of nature.

Plants invite us to communicate in different ways. As you spend more time with plants you start to notice how easy it is to have conversations with them and receive their wisdom. It's a deeply heart centred form of communication and opens us on very subtle levels. Developing our intuition & inner perception.

"A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house." - Beth Ditto


Caring for our plants increases our wellbeing. Simply looking at and touching plants lifts our mood and when we bring plants into our homes and workspaces, productivity and concentration levels can increase. Even when we are unwell, being in close proximity to plants can also facilitate healing and improve wellbeing.

Plants give us direct feedback. They let us know if they are happy or not. You can tell immediately just by looking at them. A healthy plant has a magical presence. You can feel it as soon as you walk into the room. The more you feel it, the more they grow and love it! It's such a beautiful relationship.


Plants are beautiful! They bring a room to life in a way that nothing else can. They are a most incredible expression of life itself and that life force is vital to our wellbeing!

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